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Test Blog post operates an on-line small business advertising website that empowers small business owners to take control of their own advertising campaigns through a self-managed, intuitive product. Business owners create and edit detailed advertising listings; including logos, photographs, promotion campaigns, location, expiration dates, and contact information. Small business owners edit their advertising campaigns as they wish.

Consumers surf and browse, use rich search parameters, and share small business links with friends. Surprise giveaways from are offered to keep you coming back. Consumers can either print off the offer for redemption or connect with the small business owner directly through their website.

What is a small business?  Any business providing a product or service to consumers whether you are a sole proprietorship, organization with a few hundred employees or somewhere in between. It is our mission to create a world-class, intuitive, digital platform dedicated to empower small business owners to gain consumer loyalty,

We would love to have all small businesses become part of this revolution as advertising is changing for small businesses. The power of small businesses is the way of the future.

We created AdvertisedOn to help small business owners succeed in their businesses. We understand how small businesses are so important to families, communities, and the economy.

Thank you,

Kevin Dolan and Bill Ng – Co-Founders


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