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Bill Dolan has been in the Window and Door Replacement business for 40 years. Serving the greater Boston, MA area.

Honesty and Integrity are at the cornerstone of my small business.

Free Estimates on any project of any size. Please call me at: 781-662-0066

I will answer all of your questions related to:

Repair or replace?

What’s the best way to replace my windows?

Should I replace them all at once?

How do I know I’m getting a good-quality window?


Benefits of Window and Door Replacement

Why even buy new windows? It takes time and money. It’s
stressful because since, most likely, you’ve never done it, you are probably
feeling a little overwhelmed. So is it worth it? Absolutely. And here’s why.

Energy Efficiency

New windows will save you money. According to ENERGY STAR,
replacing single pane windows will save you up to $465 a year, depending on how
many windows need replaced in your home.


New windows is one of the only home improvement projects that
make both the outside and inside of your home look stunning.

Resale Value

Need to sell your house? According to Remodeling Magazine, if
you invest in vinyl windows, you’ll recoup 73% of your cost. That’s nearly three quarters in return of your investment.

Quiet Please

Can you hear the neighbor kids yelling? Or maybe you have a
neighbor who just loves mowing at 7 in the morning on a Saturday. (really?
ugh!) Replacement windows with laminate glass quiet things down substantially.

Protects Furniture and Flooring

Is your furniture and carpets starting to fade? Choose windows
and doors with Low E glass. This  unique glass reduces damaging UV rays
from entering your home, while providing great energy efficiency.


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